Reporting the Situation in the Wasteland

Reporting the Situation in the Wasteland map
Type: One-time quest
Level: 34~40
Location: Gludio
Start: Guard Fred
End: Grand Magister Esrandell
Reward: Adena 108,000 Adena
EXP 670,000 XP
SP 220,000 SP
Previous: Completion of Collecting Suspicious Fragments

Reporting the Situation in the Wasteland is the fourth and final quest in the Sakum's Trace series.

Guard Fred asks you to report the situation in the Wastelands to Grand Magister Esrandell, in the Town of Gludio.

The Teleport Device is right next to Guard Fred, so take it back to the Town of Gludio and walk to the temple in the northern part of the city.

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