Kamaels were created by the gods as living combat weapons, but the rest of their origin is shrouded in mystery. They worship Mother Nornil. Their strange background grants them different abilities depending on their gender, and their specialization in soul magic makes them the only Fighter race that can later become a Wizard.

Class TransferEdit

Base Class First Job Class Second Job Class Third Job Class Awakening Class
Kamael Soldier (Male) Ico1 Skill Trooper Ico1 Skill Berserker Ico1 Skill Doombringer Ico1 Skill Tyrr Doombringer Ico1 Skill
Soul Breaker (Male) Ico1 Skill Soul Hound (Male) Ico1 Skill Feoh Soul Hound Ico1 Skill
Kamael Soldier (Female) Ico1 Skill Warder Ico1 Skill Soul Breaker (Female) Ico1 Skill Soul Hound (Female) Ico1 Skill
Arbalester Ico1 Skill Trickster Ico1 Skill Yul Trickster Ico1 Skill
After completing two level 75 subclasses Inspector Ico1 Skill Judicator Ico1 Skill Awakening is impossible


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