Enraged Monsters

Enraged Monsters (Sakum's Trace) map
Type: One-time quest
Level: 34~40
Location: Town of Gludio
Start: Guard Fred
Quest Items:
Suspicious Fragment20 Suspicious Fragment
Previous: Let's Go to Fred
Next: Completion of Collecting Suspicious Fragments

Enraged Monsters is the second quest in the Sakum's Trace series.

The monsters seem to have changed where Sakum has appeared. Guard Fred asks you collect 20 of the Suspicious Fragments that they have.

The following monsters have a chance to drop the fragments:

Tips Edit

  • Spell casters with access to bind spells will find Basilisks, Lesser Basilisks, Tyrants, Saharas, and Granite Golems great targets, due to them being melee.

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