Elf male

Elf male

A basic melee fighter class, destined for more specialization in weapons and to wear heavy or light armor. At level 20, the Elven Fighter must choose to be either an Elven Scout, or a defense-based Elven Knight.


Name Learning Level SP Cost Skill Enchants
Skill0172 Common Craft
Can read common recipe books.
1 0
Skill0172 Create Common Item
Creates level 1 common items.
Read skill details by level
5 0
Skill0194 Lucky
Vitality points are not consumed below Lv9. Upon death, there is no XP decrease and no poisoning by Shilen's Breath.
1 0
Armor Armor Mastery
Defense increases
5 0
Weapon Weapon Mastery
Attack power increases.
5 160
Defenseaura Defense Aura
Temporarily increases P. Def.
5 160
Attackaura Attack Aura
Temporarily increases P. Atk.
10 910
Mortalblow Mortal Blow
Potentially deadly attack upon the enemy. This skill can be used when equipped with a dagger.
5 50
Powershot Power Shot
Causes great damage from afar when using a bow.
5 50
Skill0003 Power Strike
Delivers a powerful blow that strikes the target with 30 Power added to P. Atk. Requires a sword or blunt weapon. Over-hit is possible.
5 50
Elementalheal Elemental Heal
Regenerates one's HP.
15 1100

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